Mae Alma Loyola

Hello World! Welcome to our site.

We are a group of Virtual Assistants who are happy and eager to cater to all your needs.

My name is Mae Alma Loyola. I am part of this spectacular team, VA COMPANY 10,¬†who are all well-equipped and skilled with the necessary tools to help your online business prosper and become a real success. More importantly, we have the right attitude, commitment and passion to meet all our clients’ needs.

You are welcome to contact and/or communicate through VIRTUALASTING with any of our team members for any e.commerce, automated (email) marketing, social media app set-ups, website creation/design and other online tasks you need assistance with. We can also design a social media strategy plan for your business. We can even do product research or lead generation for you.

For my profile, here is my resume …

To my potential client, in order to know more about me, here is a video clip of my interview by VIRTUALASTING officer.

Here are some of the things we can do for you. Below are samples of my work:

1. Article Writing

Article #1 : An Innovative Travel Buddy Blender

Article #2 : Grandma’s Apple Of Her Eye

Article #3 : Separation Is A Fact Of Life

2. Graphic Design

Advertising Posters – 3 samples :

3-Fold Brochure:

Company Flyer:

Calling Card sample

(front & back)

3. Video Creation/Editing samples

Video Presentation:

A Travel Buddy – Mini Portable Juice Blender

Video Presentation:

How To Create An FB AD

Video Creation/Editing:

My Staycation In Carmen

4. Creating & Maintaining Accounts In Social Media Platforms

Facebook Account >>>

Instagram Account >>>

YouTube Channel >>>